LED bubble wall

Some of my set pieces on a huge wall of bubble lights.


I like taking photos. Every now and then, some of them come out OK.

Vietnam & Cambodia

Summer 2014. Incredible countries, incredible people. I could die in Hoi An. Here's some Cambodia pics - Vietnam soon.

Big Pit

Photos taken at Big Pit museum in Wales. Couldn't take shots down in the mine unfortunately, but a pile of scrap provided a good source of colours and textures and gave me a chance to muck about with quite a nice macro lens.

Amsterdam by Phone

Photos taken in Amsterdam using a pretty terrible camera phone - bad in low light, slow sensor, poor definition and colour etc. BUT able to take shots in ways a DSLR can't. Presented as-is, with only levels tweaking and the occasional crop.



An in-development suite of VJ live-performance software for web, mobile and desktop. Currently at prototype stage, due for an overhaul soon. Here's a video run through of the prototype. Full website in development.

Visit the official CandyVJ website.


Advanced web design concepts

Various experiments with pure CSS (or pure as possible CSS with a bit of JS thrown in) layouts.

Be warned: these pages use some fairly recent CSS3 rules with only a cursory effort made in the name of compatibility. You will need a decent modern browser to view them as intended; even then bugs may show up.

Single-screen responsive layouts

Experimental/tutorial sites that scale content to fit within a single browser screen.

Comic Book Heroes Comic Book Heroes

Large, overlapping images, a fully responsive layout and vertical centering come together in this comic book inspired experiment.

ToonPlayer ToonPlayer

An example HTML video player with a Looney Tunes theme. Includes dynamically resizing and vertically centred video within a responsive, fluid layout.

Portfolio experiments

One page designs that experiment with creating a multiple-page site style within a single HTML document.

Modern Slider Full page slider

Contemporary slides-based design focused on large images and typography. Self-configuring to the number of slides.

Portfolio experiment one This site

A horizontally scrolling portfolio site with independent vertically scrolling sub-pages and a high degree of layout flexibility.

CSS experiments

Responsive weight loss

Came up with this to demonstrate responsive image loading. Resize the window horizontally to see the effect.

Click to view. Opens in new window.

Split & reveal

A student's idea involved their portrait splitting open to reveal a graphic. That led to various pure CSS ways to achieve this. Here are some of them.


Adasha Hi, my name is Adam Shailer although online I tend to go by the name 'Adasha'.

I'm a digital media creator specialising in interactive multimedia and motion video graphics. I'm also a keen videographer and photographer. I am a tutor at Trinity St. David University, teaching 'all of the above'.

This website was created to demonstrate some advanced web design techniques to my students. It's now my temporary site until (if) I get around to reinstating my old Drupal-based one. It's meant to showcase several modern CSS3 techniques as well as web-semantics and unobtrusive JavaScript. Where possible, effects are achieved with only HTML and CSS. JavaScript is used sparingly, where CSS alone isn't enough.

For that reason this site doesn't even try to be compatible with older browsers - It assumes you have a good HTML5 capable one. Even then you may find differences across the various players; Webkit browsers (Chrome, Safari) have some layout bugs that needed working around and aren't as smooth, IE doesn't support some of the cutting edge features (although its scrolling is the silkiest), things like that. Firefox seems to cope very well in comparison.

I also hadn't spent too much effort making the site work well on smart devices until now, so if you're looking at this on your phone then sorry, but I'm working on it.