Code and design in imbalance



AVS Presets

This is a collection of presets for Advanced Visualisation Studio, a free plug-in for the once popular Winamp media player.

Zero AVS pack

Download the preset pack from deviantArt.

LED bubble wall

Some of my set pieces on a huge wall of bubble lights.


I like taking photos. Every now and then, some of them come out OK.

Vietnam & Cambodia

Summer 2014. Incredible countries, incredible people. I could die in Hoi An.

Big Pit

Photos taken at Big Pit museum in Wales. Couldn't take shots down in the mine unfortunately, but a pile of scrap provided a good source of colours and textures and gave me a chance to muck about with quite a nice macro lens.

Amsterdam by Phone

Photos taken in Amsterdam using a pretty terrible camera phone - bad in low light, slow sensor, poor definition and colour etc. BUT able to take shots in ways a DSLR can't. Presented as-is, with only levels tweaking and the occasional crop.



An in-development suite of VJ live-performance software for web, mobile and desktop. Covers the full range of skill levels, from casual beginner to experienced professional. Learn how to VJ, practice with friends, share it with the world.

Visit the official CandyVJ website.

Test webs

Small websites made for prototyping, for tutorials and for fun. This site is all three!

Comic Book Heroes

Site experimenting with dynamic resizing of a full-page layout.

Click here to view.



I've no idea what to put here yet. Something... soon.......



Hi, my name is Adam Shailer although online I tend to go by the name 'Adasha'.

I'm a digital media creator specialising in interactive multimedia and motion video graphics. I'm also a keen videographer and photographer. I am a tutor at Trinity St. David University, teaching 'all of the above'.

This website was created to demonstrate some advanced web design techniques to my students. It's now my temporary site while my proper one is dead in the water. The idea is to push what can be achieved in web design if issues such as varying levels of standards-support and browser incompatibilities are put aside in favour of code purity. Where possible, effects are achieved with only HTML and CSS. JavaScript is used sparingly, where CSS alone isn't enough.

For that reason this site doesn't even try to be compatible with older browsers - It assumes you have a good HTML5 capable one. Even then you may find differences across the various players; Webkit browsers (Chrome, Safari) have some layout bugs that needed working around and aren't as smooth, IE doesn't support some of the cutting edge features (although its scrolling is the silkiest), things like that. Firefox seems to cope very well in comparison.

This particular site also loves screen real estate so don't expect miracles on a mobile device. Yes, that is my lazy way of saying the CSS isn't particularly responsive. That wasn't such a problem when the site was only ever intended as an experiment and teaching aid, but now I guess I'll be having another look at it!