LED bubble wall

Some of my set pieces on a huge wall of bubble lights.


I like taking photos. Every now and then, some of them come out okay.

Vietnam & Cambodia

Summer 2014. Took a nice camera with us, ended up getting more good shots off the cheap compact.

Big Pit

Photos taken at Big Pit museum in Wales. Couldn't take shots down in the mine unfortunately, but a pile of scrap provided a good source of colours and textures and gave me a chance to muck about with quite a nice macro lens.

Amsterdam by Phone

Photos taken in Amsterdam using a pretty terrible camera phone - bad in low light, slow sensor, poor definition and colour etc. BUT able to take shots in ways a DSLR can't. Presented as-is, with only levels tweaking and the occasional crop.


My approach to this section is changing. View the new lab beta, an homage to the very first version of this site.

Single screen web concepts

Experimental/tutorial sites that scale content and get all ajaxxy to run from a single HTML page.

Comic Book Heroes Comic Book Heroes

Large, overlapping images, a fully responsive layout and vertical centering come together in this comic book inspired experiment.

ToonPlayer ToonPlayer

An example HTML video player with a Looney Tunes theme. Includes dynamically resizing and vertically centred video within a responsive, fluid layout. A bit glitchy.

WTF, Society? WTF, Society?

A single-purpose website that uses 3d transforms and other tricks to pull off a single-screen interface.

Modern Slider Full page slider

Contemporary slides-based design focused on large images and typography. Self-configuring to the number of slides.

Portfolio experiment one folio one

This site was meant to be a teaching aid but it's ended up being my own site for ages now. Guess I like it. It's my attempt to create a horizontal-scroller that fixes their inherent usability issues. It sort of succeeds.

screenvader recreation screenvader UI

A standards-based recreation of an old Flash tutorial of a reconstruction of an existing site[flash]. That's a lot of ofs.


A video run through of a prototype social VJing app. Of all the things I want to pick back up, this is at the top. Unfortunately the whole thing needs porting to a better platform so it's not a small task.


My response to a postgrad assignment brief, focusing on the main areas of my life. Uses Flash, so you won't be able to see it in most browsers. A web port is underway.


View the project on

Web experiments

Various experiments with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Old skool.

  • Mouse distance thing

    Transform all the children of any element in various ways based on how near the mouse pointer is. Obviously less useful on a touch screen.

    This is potentially heavy on your processor and may crush your browser. Safer to open it in a separate window.

  • Text rippler

    Turns any block of text into an undulating, unreadable effect. Open in new window.

  • Responsive weight loss

    Came up with this to demonstrate responsive image loading. You can resize the preview area horizontally to see the effect.

    View in separate window to see the code.

  • Split & reveal

    Various pure CSS ways to have a portrait split open to reveal a graphic.


Hi, my name is Adam Shailer although online I go by the name 'Adasha'. I'm a digital media creator, specialising in interactive multimedia and motion video graphics. I'm also a keen videographer and photographer. I am a tutor at university in Wales, teaching 'all of the above'. In a former life I was also a nightclub VJ.

This website started life as a teaching aid to demonstrate various web design techniques to my students. It has since grown to become my long-term-temporary site after my CMS-based site crashed and burned. It's host to various, seemingly random projects and experiments I've created over the years, whether commercial, educational or personal. Normally, it also has a resources section where I put my teaching materials, but that's been removed temporarily pending a massive re-think.

Right now this site doesn't even try to be compatible with older browsers and assumes you're pretty up-to-date. Its mobile performance is better than it used to be, but still has some issues to be ironed out. For now, the best experience is definitely via the desktop.